Girls Grey Trouser

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  • Senior girls school trouser in grey
  • Stain resistant durable finish
  • Polyester/viscose/lycra mix
  • Bootleg style
  • Two front pockets
  • Zip front fastening with hook and eye
  • Machine washable
Additional Information

22"w/26"L, 22"W/28"L, 24"W/28"L, 24"W/30"L, 26"W/28"L, 26"W/30"L, 26"W/32"L, 28"W/28"L, 28"W/30"L, 28"W/32"L, 30"W/28"L, 30"w/30"L, 30"W/32"L, 32"W/28"L, 32"W/30"L, 32"W/32"L, 34"W/28"L, 34"W/30"L, 34"W/32"L, 36"W/28"L, 36"W/30"L, 36"W/32"L, 38"W/28"L, 38"W/30"L, 38"W/32"L, 40"W/30"L, 40"W/32"L, 42"W/30"L, 42"W/32"L

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